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Board of Directors

For the 2017-2018 season:

President  & Ice Show Co-Chair:
Shannon Bunnell
Email:  shannon54635@gmail.com
Cell:  715-299-3731

Vice President:
Paula Dux
Email:  pauladux@gmail.com
Cell:  715-896-3698

Jackie Gunderson
Email:  jackie.rave87@gmail.com
Cell:  715-896-3711

Treasurer & Competition Co-Chair:
Karen Koenigs
Email:  karenbrffsc@gmail.com
Cell:  715-299-4220

Ice Show Chair:
Stephanie Sartor
Email:  stephaniesartor22@gmail.com
Cell:  715-299-2357

Fundraising Chair:
Heather Roskos
Email:  3roskoskids@gmail.com
Cell:  715-299-8969

Rules & Ice Chair & Fundraising Co-Chair:
Laura Lindow
Email:  lauralindow@gmail.com
Cell:  715-299-4346

Membership Chair:
Nicole Bjerke
Email:  nskin81@gmail.com
Cell:  715-896-0071

Competition Chair:
Danielle Dougherty
Email:  danielle4327@gmail.com
Cell:  715-896-4327

New Member Parent Rep:  (non-voting, 1-year Board Position)
Kellie Gazdecki
Email:  kgaz3@yahoo.com
Cell:  715-896-3360