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Work Hours Form (see below):

Each family is required to work a minimum of:
            A.  Two (2) hours per 7 week basic skills session if registered for basic skills, or
            B.  Two (2) hours per private lesson contract session if registered for private lessons, or
            C.  A total of five (5) hours per season in concessions, cleaning or other miscellaneous volunteer jobs during the regular figure skating season (rink monitoring does not count).  These hours are in addition to the family job requirements for the ice show.  Each family will be billed $10 per hour that is not worked by the Sunday night of show week.  A work hours form must be completed, signed by a board member when the work has been completed, and turned in to the drop box outside of the figure skating office at the arena.  Work hours forms will be available in the drop box outside of the figure skating office at the arena or printed from the link below.

Registration Forms (see below):

EACH SKATER will need the following forms (see below):

Sign Up Checklist
Registration Form (either Learn to Skate (LTS-Jr Club Reg Form) or Private Lessons (Private Lesson Membership App), depending on skating level)
Concussion Agreement (see below for concussion information)
Safe Sport Skater Code of Conduct

EACH FAMILY will need the following forms (see below):
Waiver & Release of Liability
Consent to Treat
Parent Code of Conduct
Permission to Publicize Skater Info
Candy Bar Form

Every Private Lesson Skater will need the following form (see below):
Private Lesson Skating Policies

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