Senior Club (Private Lessons)

A skater who has passed Basic Skills Level 6 and Pre-Freeskate may into private lessons. When a skater enters into private lessons, it is the skater’s responsibility to contract and set up a lesson time with a coach.

The skater will pay the coach the coach's individual rate directly to the coach. The BRFFSC will provide a list of coaches and their contact info. BRFFSC does not employ these coaches when they are teaching on a private lesson basis. The BRFFSC does, however, contract with some of these coaches for Learn to Skate USA, synchronized skating teams, and ice show related activities. When in private lessons, the skater and her/his parents are responsible for issues with the coach. The Board of Directors bears no responsibility for a privately hired coach.

Private lesson skaters are required to schedule and pay for their own ice time through contracts. Contracts and the corresponding calendars are available on the classes tab. Specific instructions for deadline times, rates, etc. are on the contract pages.

The BRFFSC offers two types of classes for private lesson skaters: Moves in the Field and Freestyle lessons. If a skater is interested in doing further testing beyond Learn to Skate USA, they will need to take Moves in the Field. Moves teach edge control, which is essential for jumps, spins, and footwork. Freestyle sessions are intended to teach jumps, spins and other elements other than those learned in the Moves session.

Testing is the way a skater progresses through the levels of skating. There are eight levels of testing in private lessons and there are two tests per level: a moves test and a Freestyle test. The Moves test must be passed before taking the Freestyle test at each level. Upon passing the moves test, a skater can then test the freestyle portion of that level. When tested, a standard skill level set by the USFS measures the skaters. Qualified USFS judges will test skaters at a test session. Testing is usually available in conjunction with competitions.

Another option in figure skating is to learn a program for exhibition and/or competition. During a competition, a skater skates at his or her own test level or one level higher. The length of the program increases as the skater tests to higher levels. This is a wonderful experience for the skaters and most skaters enjoy it very much. Different than testing, it gives the skater a chance to measure progress against other skaters at the same test and age level.