Senior Club (Private Lessons)

When a skater passes Pre-Freeskate, they will transition into private lessons. When a skater enters private lessons, it is the skater’s responsibility to contract and set up a lesson time with one of our club’s approved coaches. The skater will pay the coach their individual rate directly to them. The BRFFSC will provide a list of coaches and their telephone numbers on the club website. The BRFFSC does not employ these coaches when they are teaching private lessons. The BRFFSC does, however, contract with these coaches for Learn to Skate, synchronized skating teams, group lessons, introduction to Ice Dance, and ice show related activities. When in private lessons, the skater and her/his parents are responsible for issues with the coach. The Board of Directors bears no responsibility for non-performance of a privately hired coach.

Private lesson ice times are Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday evenings as well as Friday morning. Please see registration for specific times. Contracting is recommended because all 22 skaters may be on the ice at a time.

In addition to paying your private coach, private lesson skaters are required to schedule and pay for their own ice time through contracts with the club. Contracts are available online ( Specific instructions for deadline times, rates, etc. are online.

Private lesson ice rates are as follows:

$10/hr ($5/30 min) for contracted ice

$11/hr ($5.50/30 min) for random (walk on) ice

In addition, private lesson skaters pay a fee of $105 for the season. This fee covers your annual USFSA membership and club costs.